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Although driving may seem like an easy, everyday task for most people, there are still many dangers that it imposes on every driver. That is why is it crucial that every driver utilizes safe driving habits each time they are on the road. Sargeant Service Center understands this, and wants to make sure you're driving safely and responsibly.

Transmissions rarely go out without a warning. Typically it takes a while, during which time there will be observable symptoms. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes it isn’t, but it’s always better to catch an issue and get it repaired as soon as possible. Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has provided you with a few things to watch out for.

Nobody knows your vehicle better than you; if you suspect it isn’t driving the way it used to, there’s a good chance you’re correct. The truth of the matter is there are countless reasons and remedies for such a broad subject, but Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has compiled a list of a few common problems that can cause a vehicle to drive poorly.

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Ride quality is an essential part of your driving experience. At Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL, we strive to keep your truck as smooth and comfortable to drive as the day it came off the lot. Your shock absorbers play a huge role in ride quality; here’s what you should know.

Customer Review
Excellent service. Customer friendly. Passing through St Augustine and needed emergency repair. Greatly appreciate care and attention to my car with quick turnaround that put me back on the road headed back to South Carolina.
June Hill
Customer Review
SARGEANT'S CAME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.......Give a shout-out to them!!!! They were honest, dependable, professional, and had great prices. Adam was awesome. He kept me informed of what was going on with my Jeep. No hidden fees. They have my business for all of my car needs. I now will highly recommend them. Thanks again Sargeants!

What is your flywheel, and when do you need to replace it? Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has the answers you’re looking for.

glow plug

Glow Plugs are an essential component of your diesel engine. However, a faulty glow plug can go unnoticed or be neglected for quite some time; your truck will still start and run, so it’s an easy issue to overlook. At Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL, we want you to know what to look for, and why you should be concerned with a bad glow plug.

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