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My 2007 Pontiac Solstice needed two front tires & an oil change. I am new to the St Augustine area, & after checking out reviews decided on Sargeants Auto center. To say I was not disappointed would be an understatement. Laura (I think that was her name), was patient & very pleasant, understanding that I wanted tires, that was not going to break my bank, she was never pushy or set on making me feel like I was being pressured into tires I couldn't afford. They offer a shuttle service (which definitely came in handy as my repairs took about 2 1/2 hours). The shuttle driver Charlie, was sweet, entertaining, & flat out refused a tip!! One of my lug nuts was stripped (which I informed them of upon arrival), & there was a bit of an issue with that, but they took the time to make sure that it was properly taken care of, so I wouldn't have issues down the road. The mechanic (sorry, don't remember his name), found an issue with my bounded wiring, which was loose and hitting my fan belt, which could've resulted in thousands of dollars had it worn the tape down to the point where the wiring was exposed. He took care of this issue with no extra charge, just wanting to make me aware to keep an eye on it!! Nowadays it's soo common to find people who do shoddy work, charge too much to people whom they think they can get away it, & have no customer service skills. It's very refreshing to go to a place & feel the people are genuinely concerned, and not just trying to take your money!! THANK YOU TO THE STAFF @ SARGENTS' I WILL BE BACK FOR ALL MY AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS!
Gear shift in car with manual transmission

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard someone claim “manuals get better gas mileage than automatics.” While in the past this has certainly been true – driving an automatic was truly a sacrifice, dramatically affecting acceleration, reliability, and gas mileage – is it still the case in the modern era? Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has the answers.

picture of gas nozzle in car

Fuel injection is one of the greatest innovations in automotive technology to date. From Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL, here’s a little more information on the fuel injector.

close up of side of car

Transmission failure rarely happens out of the blue - there’s a good chance a transmission will give you a good amount of warning before kicking the bucket. Here are some things you can watch out for, from our team here at Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL.

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Although driving may seem like an easy, everyday task for most people, there are still many dangers that it imposes on every driver. That is why is it crucial that every driver utilizes safe driving habits each time they are on the road. Sargeant Service Center understands this, and wants to make sure you're driving safely and responsibly.

Transmissions rarely go out without a warning. Typically it takes a while, during which time there will be observable symptoms. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes it isn’t, but it’s always better to catch an issue and get it repaired as soon as possible. Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has provided you with a few things to watch out for.

Nobody knows your vehicle better than you; if you suspect it isn’t driving the way it used to, there’s a good chance you’re correct. The truth of the matter is there are countless reasons and remedies for such a broad subject, but Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL has compiled a list of a few common problems that can cause a vehicle to drive poorly.

truck driving on road

Ride quality is an essential part of your driving experience. At Sargeant Service Center in St Augustine, FL, we strive to keep your truck as smooth and comfortable to drive as the day it came off the lot. Your shock absorbers play a huge role in ride quality; here’s what you should know.

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